Wednesday, 2 January 2013

good bye

Dear examiner thank you for taking the time to view my blog I have had fun creating my music video and ancillary task I hope you enjoy my final media products

good bye

Dear examiner thank you for taking the time to view my blog I have had fun creating my music video and ancillary task I hope you enjoy my final media products

Sunday, 23 December 2012

Final Digipak

Final music video

here is the completed version of my music video
 there have been changes through out the rough cut of the music video to lead up to the final video we had fun filming and editing the video enjoy 

Final magazine Advert

here is the final magazine advert  the advert is very simplistic but also have a fun vibe to it to reflect the artist herself . unlike the digipak the name of the artist and the name of the album are of a similar size . The name of the album songs in motion is slightly tilted to mimic the songs in motions
whilst the title is cartooned and bold to fit in with the theme of the magazine advert .
we have included when the album will be released and details of the album. in addition we have included critics reviews

The lay out  and effects was inspired by pop art .  i like the playfulness and the youthfulness of the image i wanted to imitate this in our mag advert

the colour grading  was also inspired by pop art particularly the Marilyn Monroe  image  the way her make up shows on her face is similar to ours
colour grading and effects 

Thursday, 20 December 2012

Evaluation 3 What have you learned from your audience feedback?

3. What have you learned from your audience feedback?
for our evaluation task we interviewed people who fit into our target market we interviewed them to receive audience feedback we asked them various questions linking to our video in order to obtain this. in addition we also asked people what they thought about our digipak and our magazine advert. we thought it was essential to obtain this information as it could open our eyes to improvements that may need to be made to the music video. and how our target market may feel about our artist and whether we have been successful in the post production stage . the feedback given would hopefully be successful in answering these questions
we decided to film the viewers as we could receive their comments in depth and experiment with different types of media for our evaluations.

we interviewed Akshay and Stacey in hope to receive information about our digipak. from their feedback we found out that we have been successful in keeping a concise motif throughout our digipak and that our entire package as in the digipak ,advert and music video all ties in together . they liked the use of effects used which was successful as we did not want to over due it  ,we wanted to keep the digipak simple but make the aesthetics appealing to the audience, so that they would want to purchase the album. for our magazine advert we have been successful in informing the audience and have included the right information to do so we have kept the same theme throughout our digipak and magazine advert .
i interviewed David and Bradley on what they thought of my music video .  from this interview i have discovered that they thought the effects were effective and that i had achieved some of the meaning of the lyrics with the effects. i have been successful in keeping them engaged as my editing was not predictable . they liked the use of the overlay effect  it has been successful as i wanted it to stand out to the viewers . they thought the artist was successful in conveying the meaning of the song and was confident which can be appealing to the viewers

we interviewed the older part of our target market  from her feed back she thought that the editing of the video was effective such as the cross cutting from different locations she additionally liked the effects such as the overlaying and colour grading . she enjoyed the play on the instrumental part of the song where we had a continuous shot over-layed on different shots of the artist dancing as we thought that the music and the visuals would correspond well in this scene . she thought that the artist engaged well with the camera and her movements flowed through out the video .
 I interviewed Rebecca to get her feed back on my music video she made some interesting comments on the artist and how she was an inviting character and made her feel like she was bringing her into her own world from this we can see that the artist has built a  successful rapport with the viewers
i interviewed Akshay and stacey again about their opinions on the music video